Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dessert Degustation

I hosted my first ever dessert degustation yesterday to celebrate my friend's birthday. I normally will bake a cake for my friend but this year I want to make it a little different.

1st course : Suika Bakudan [ watermelon bomb ] - palate cleanser
Suika Bakudan

2nd course : The Colour Purple
*Blueberry parfait, blackcurrant fluid gel, blackberry
The Colour Purple

3rd course: Guanaja H2O + Popcorn Parfait
*70% dark chocolate coral, caramel, popcorn parfait, dill
Guanaja H2O + Popcorn Parfait

4th course: Kalamansi Sorbet - palate cleanser
*Homemade kalamansi ( Philippine lime ) sorbet
Kalamansi Sorbet

5th course: Enchanted Forest
*Chocolate trees, chocolate soil, pliable chocolate ganache, blueberry parfait, rose meringue kisses,
popcorn parfait, chocolate sponge, matcha sponge, popcorn powder, cherries and blackberries
Enchanted Forest


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