Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kuro Goma 3+


Kuro Goma is the Japanese for black sesame and the 3+ implies my three ways of presenting the black sesame dessert.

The inspiration behind this dessert came across when I was browsing through an interior magazine two weeks ago. Inside the magazine there was one apartment's interior that really caught my attention. This apartment was dominated by monochrome walls and furnishings. The wall and floor were all white while the furniture are bold black. There were only a few color introduction in the apartment which for me really stood out in the black and white environment. I was really inspired by the concept and hence I came up with this dessert.


The main character for this dessert is the black sesame. Aside from being one of my favorites dessert flavor, I wanted to try different types of dessert that you can make with black sesame.

The components on the plate:
Black sesame fluid gel
White chocolate moss
Black sesame cheesecake
White chocolate plaquette
Black sesame moss
Super soft black sesame sponge


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