Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Choco Caramel


Sea salt caramel chocolate bar
70% dark chocolate + fleur de sel caramel

My first attempt on chocolate bar, more to come.

Fleur de sel Caramel ( serves 50 )
[recipe modified from Kristy Choo of Jin Patisserie]

250g sugar
250ml cream
38g glucose
1/2 vanilla bean
fleur de sel ( sea salt )

1. Combine sugar and glucose and cook to caramel stage
2. At the same time boil the cream with vanilla bean in a separate pot
3. Pour in cream gradually into the caramel
4. Stir until thoroughly mixed
5. Continue to cook until it reach 112°C
6. Transfer the mixture onto silpat and let it set and cool
7. Once cooled, sprinkle with fleur de sel


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