Friday, September 2, 2011

Vancouver's first Oxtail Ramen

suika-6It's only in Suika izakaya you could find many interesting dishes that you can rarely find in other izakayas. One of their interesting dishes is their Tokyo Oxtail Ramen. I got a chance to try it in my third visit. Their Tokyo oxtail ramen is a slowly braised oxtail with noodle in soy broth topped with dried fish powder and scallions. The broth, having been cooked for days, had a rich flavor and the dried fish powder gave an extra punch in flavour. The noodle had proper texture and not chewy, it really complimented the broth perfectly. This ramen I'll call it as adventurous to eat due to the use of oxtail as the main ingredient instead of regular braised pork belly. Suika's oxtail ramen easily became my top two contender for best ramen in Vancouver.

Since my last two visits ( you can read the entry here and here ), they changed their menu's design into two popular Japanese cartoon characters : Doraemon and Dorami - another creative idea by the owner.

Another dishes that we tried was the sashimi 'shake' salad which consisted of daily fresh sashimis tossed with sesame soy dressing. After giving a short introduction to the salad, our server began shaking the jar of salad for a minute and then served the salad in a bowl. I found this to be very entertaining.

This time we tried two of their desserts: the Yukimi Daifuku ( green tea and red bean gelato wrapped in sticky rice cake ) and the summer crème brûlée ( frozen crème brûlée with mango gelato and fresh strawberry sauce ).
The daifukus were properly made and the green tea one was my favourite. You can really taste a pretty bold matcha flavour in it. I tried their frozen matcha crème brûlée before and the summer version was much more flavourful. The aromatic mango flavour mixed with the sweetness of strawberry sauce produced a perfect harmony. My friends and I finished it in less than a minute.

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