Monday, September 5, 2011


christophe-8I got myself a new toy this weekend: a spray gun - finally can coat my entremet perfectly with chocolate spray now. I didn't plan on making any entremet this long weekend as I wanted to just relax and chill out. However, I was really inspired to make an entremet once I got the chocolate spray gun.

This cake was named after pastry chef Christophe Adam. As you already knew from my previous blog entries, I am a big fan of his works. This entremet was inspired by his mangue-violette eclair. It wasn't easy to find crystallized violet in Vancouver. I tried it before in a dessert I had at MARKET, Shangril-la so I knew I could find it here.

christophe-7The components are as follow:
Violette crystallisée
à la mangue
Mousse à la mangue
Crème mangue-violette
Biscuit joconde au chocolat

I really like the aromatic flavor from the crystallized violet. The combination of mango sauce, crystallized violet and mascarpone was sublime. The combination of those three complimented the mango mousse really well. I used a chocolate sponge base to give an additional slightly stronger flavor to yield a subtle punch in overall flavor. For texture, I used two crystallized violets ( one inside the entremet and one outside ) to add some crunch.


Pinella said...

A wonderful dessert.....

travellingfoodies said...

yet another brilliant work! i stopped breathing for a while when you showed me the photo. swear that i was hyperventilated. LOL

interesting concoction there with crystallised violets and mango, and definitely unconventional. very Christophe Adam indeed! LOL

La Petite Vancouver said...

@Pinella : Thank you

@travellingfoodies : Thank you Alan for your nice compliment ! I really hope my entremet do him justice and make him proud lol

Renuka said...

This entremet looks like it belongs on the shelves of one of the famous patisserie of Paris. Beautifully done.

La Petite Vancouver said...

@Renuka: Thank you so much! You really made my day =)

Unknown said...

Can you write the recipe out...I would love to try it. It looks amazing.

La Petite Vancouver said...

@Unknown: I'm really busy at the moment, I'll try to write it out when I have time. Cheers

gracie said...

Your creations are lovely as usual!!
I've been wanting to get a spray gun for sometime, but after using it at a pastry class I realised it can create quite a bit of mess and I'm not sure if my own kitchen is ready for that! Any advice from your own experience?

La Petite Vancouver said...

gracie: Hi there, thanks for your compliment. I personally will not recommend home bakers to buy a spray gun. Besides from the mess it creates, you also need to use a certain amount of cocoa butter ( they are expensive ) and your mixture needs to be at the minimum threshold ( depends on your spray gun). If you need to spray a lot of entremet at once, then it's worth it. Otherwise, it's a really pricy gadget to keep for home use.


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