Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MonokuRo Boo Cake


I made a MonokuRo Boo cake for my friend's birthday today. She's a big fan of this Japanese cartoon character. MonokuRo means monochrome in Japanese and Boo is the pig's sound (oink) in Japanese. I came up with my own variation for the inner side.

The components from top to bottom:
Matcha sponge
Matcha cream
Matcha sponge
Red bean paste
Crispy chocolate praline
Matcha sponge


travellingfoodies said...

wow! another personal creation and it looks brilliant! I'm not a fan of fondant but looking at how you had crafted it, I would want one for my birthday as well. Kawaii ne!!!

La Petite Vancouver said...

@travellingfoodies: haha I am not a fan of rolled fondant either, we ended up didn't eat the fondant at all LOL


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