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Hidemi Sugino's Everest エヴェレスト Recipe

everest-3This was my fifth sixth attempt on Hidemi Sugino's recipe. I really admired his works and totally respect him as the king of mousse cake. In his book , Le Goût Authentique Retrouvé, he used a great variety of fruits and some of them being seasonal. This Everest entremet use red currant as one of the main ingredients. The Everest got my attention when I first flipped through the book. I've never seen an entremet like this before - it's totally unique yet appealing. Nevertheless, I was a little disappointed back then to not able to make this entremet due to its use of seasonal ingredient - red currant. It's really hard to find red currant in Vancouver. I remembered seeing it once in a supermarket and never seen it since. I did some research and apparently red currant is only in season around July/August. I was, however, really lucky last week that I passed by a local farmer's market and they happened to have red currants.

everest-2-2The component of the Everest are as follow: ( from top to bottom )
Framboises [ Raspberries ]
Amandes effillées torréfiées [ Roasted almonds ]
Sucre glace [ Powdered sugar ]
Crème chantilly [ Sweetened whipped cream ]
Biscuit joconde sans beurre [ Butterless sponge ]
Mousse au fromage blanc [ White Cheese Mousse ]
Sauce aux fruits rouges [ Red fruits sauce ]
Biscuit joconde sans beurre [ Butterless sponge ]

As expected, the white cheese mousse was really fluffy and simply melted in your mouth. The combination of the white cheese mousse with the red fruits sauce was sublime. The roasted almonds gave an extra texture to this entremet. Although the flavor of the Everest was subtle, it was memorable.

Recipe translated and modified from Le Goût Authentique Retrouvé
Recipe serves 3 entremets ( 7.5cm x 3.5cm x 4cm oval shaped ring )
Image reference for the mousse ring's shape:

1. This recipe was written under assumption that you already know how to make french meringue, crème chantilly, raspberry couili and raspberry jam
2. Please keep in mind that temperature ranges and time will vary depending on your oven. So please adjust accordingly.

Biscuit joconde sans beurre
20g icing sugar
20g almond powder

16g egg yolks

12g egg whites
18g all purpose flour
French meringue
40g egg whites
24g sugar

1. Sift and combined icing sugar and almond powder in a mixing bowl
2. Add in egg yolks, egg whites and whisk until thick and fluffy
3. Sift in all purpose flour

4. Make french meringue and fold into the mixture

5. Bake at 230
°C / 446°F for 6mins

Sauce aux fruits rouges
8g red currant jam
4g raspberry couili
4g raspberry pulp
a pinch of sugar
few drops of lemon juice
2g kirsch7g raspberry
7g red currant

Mix all of the ingredients above in a mixing bowl

Mousse au fromage blanc
80g whipping cream
70g white cheese / fresh cheese

2g gelatin

3g kirsch

8g lemon juice

Pâte à Bombe
16g egg yolks
20g sugar

5g water

1. Mix the white cheese in a mixing bowl with spatula till smooth

2. For pate a bombe, whisk the egg yolks in a mixing bowl until pale yellow
3. Boil sugar and water until 120°C then add to the egg yolks and mix well with electric mixer
4. Take 1/3 of the white cheese and put it into a new mixing bowl and add in kirsch
5. Mix the pate a bombe to step #4
6. Add in the lemon juice to step #5 and mix well
7. Add in the melted gelatin to step #6

8. Add step #7 and step#1 and mix well
9. Add 1/3 of the whipped cream to step#8 and mix well10. Add the rest of the whipped cream and mix well

Sirop d'imbibage
12g Sirop à 30°B ( sugar : water = 1.3 : 1 )
8g water
6g kirsch

1. Align an acetate sheet below the mousse rings.
2. Cut the sponge into several oval-shaped sponges
3. Brush the sponge with soaking syrup
4. Lay the oval sponge at the bottom of the mousse ring
5. Pipe in the white cheese mousse until it fills half of the mousse ring
6. Put some of the red fruits sauce in the centre of the white cheese mousse
7. Pipe in the white cheese mousse again until it almost reach the top ( leave some space for the sponge on top )
8. Cut the oval-shaped sponge to a slightly smaller size ( smaller than #2 ), brush them with soaking syrup and align them on top of the mousse ring
9. Apply a little pressure on top of the sponge with your hand so that the white cheese mousse will come up a little bit and cover gap beside the sponge on top of the mousse ring
10. Align another acetate sheet on top of the mousse ring and refrigerate
11. Once set, prepare for decoration
12. Bake some sliced almonds at 270C for 5 minutes or until slightly golden colour
13. Hidemi used creme fraiche and sugar mixture to make the creme chantilly. However you could just go the traditional way and use whipping cream and sugar mixture instead
14. Apply the creme fraiche all over the entremet and apply some more on top and shaped it to mimic a triangular box shaped with icing spatula
15. Put some raspberries on top and roasted sliced almonds16. Sift some powdered sugar on top


bossacafez said...

wilson, this look REALLY REALLY fantastic!! hidemi sugino is the king of mousse cakes alright and you pride yrself to hv the most resemblance to his original product :D so this is yr 5th sugino's entremet too? i don't recall u making anything else besides the ambroisie and miss albion lol.

thanks alot for posting the recipe so nx time i don't hv to crack my head to decipher the recipe shd i wanna make it. did u use an oval mousse ring for that? i don't think i recall seeing this in sg, plus red currants would be impossible to find over here too :(

La Petite Vancouver said...

@bossacafez: Thank you so much Evan !!
It's the rectangular ring with round end, I just called it oval lol I should provide a picture for reference.
I did make Hidemi's Charme ( in my foret noire post ), géomètre ( in my blog but this entremet not in his book ), and framboisier ( I didn't post it ). So actually it's my sixth, I need to update lol

Bertha said...

Wow! I am too a big fan of Mr. Sugino's work, but it is so hard to find the time to make the different components. All of your Hidemi's entremets look so perfect, exactly the same as the pictures in the book. Really admire your work :)

La Petite Vancouver said...

@Bertha : Thank you Bertha! Yes his multilayered components required sometimes to make. As I work full-time during the day it usually took me 2-3 days to finish making an entremet. However, the end results worth the time spent =)

Michelle said...

wow, another amazing work of yours. ive nv seen currants before, i wonder how it taste. sour? like cranberries? your diligence in entremets is simply amazing. u shld just open a patisserie alr seriously. love the oval mold tt u have. i want it too cos im thinking of making Hidemi's Bresilienne but i dont have tt mold... :(

La Petite Vancouver said...

@Michelle : Thank you so much ! Yes red currants taste pretty sour, that's why they need to be mixed with sugar. Nah my skill is still very limited to open a patisserie yet lol I need to attend pastry school. I wanted to make Bresiliene too but I am not too good in handling caramel, just worried about the caramel mousse. I will give it a try when I have time. I got that ring in HK coz I can't find it in Vancouver as well lol

Valerie said...

That looks like a tone of work! But it looks soo pretty! I love the cakes you make, they're all gorgeous, this is art, real art! Your pictures are nice too, i'm glad I found you!!

La Petite Vancouver said...

@Valerie: Thanks for your nice compliments =)

travellingfoodies said...

hi wilson! wondeful job again. which component do you reckon is the toughest?

La Petite Vancouver said...

travellingfoodies : Thanks Alan ! Um the Everest was not particularly difficult to make. It just needed a lot of prep works like making red currant jam, raspberry couili etc esp I like making them from scratch rather than buying premade ones lol
Other than that I finished making the whole components ( minus decor and prep works) in less than a day.

christao408 said...

That looks amazing! Something I've never tried, but am always impressed by, is making these patisserie. Nicely done.

La Petite Vancouver said...

@christao408 : Thank you Chris ! =)

Janine said...

once again i'm super impressed by your entremet. I've never had the privilege of eating sugino's stuff nor owning his book (am going get my hands on them one day after i brush up on my japanese) but you make me wanna have some now!

lovely photos too :D

La Petite Vancouver said...

@Janine : Thank you =)

Swee San said...

amazing!! I've finally placed an order for this book and can't wait for it to arrive!!

La Petite Vancouver said...

@Swee San : Thank you! Good for u, I am sure u'll have a blast once u got it =)


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