Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Éclair Aquatique

My second attempt on Christophe Adam's éclair. This time I made one of his signature triple fondant éclairs: the aquatique.
He had made several different versions of the éclair aquatique before. The one I made was the version from his éclair book.

The components are as follow:
Le crémeaux vanille
Le fondant blanc
Le fondant vert et le fondant à la menthe
Le fondant bleu


travellingfoodies said...

Christophe Adam is really THE eclair man. i remember looking totally bewildered when I saw his Mona Lisa Eclair, dramatic! and "aquatique" is no less astounding. can't wait to try this as well but i'll first have to practice choux pastry making.

rest well and get well soon my friend.

La Petite Vancouver said...

travellingfoodies : Thank you Alan =)


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