Friday, May 27, 2011

6" Ambroisie アンブロワジー

I made a 6" version of Hidemi Sugino's Ambroisie アンブロワジー

Biscuit joconde aux chocolat
Mousse a la pistache
Framboise pépins
Mousse au chocolat noir
Biscuit aux pistaches

Update: For recipe of the Ambroisie, please refer to my newer entry



travellingfoodies said...

Hi Wilson, needless to say, wonderful work once again! I had this recipe bookmarked last month but didn't get around to do it. The sheer number of components and steps promptly made me shelf the recipe (and the thought!) away. Your re-creation is such an inspiration! Perhaps I would try it this month,

La Petite Vancouver said...

travellingfoodies: Thanks Alan! the Ambroisie does have many layers/components. I made everything from scratch including the raspberry jam and pistachio paste. So if you made the raspberry jam and pistachio paste ahead of time, it will only take you two days max to make this cake. Good luck!

ichkoche said...


wonderful creation and presentation.
Do you have a special technique for tempering chocolate

travellingfoodies said...

ah... pray tell how did you go about preparing the pistachio paste? Sevarome is so freaking expensive over here!!!

La Petite Vancouver said...

travellingfoodies : make the pistachio paste yourself! It's really easy and simple - you can find numerous recipe online

La Petite Vancouver said...

ichkoche : Thank you! For tempering chocolate you can read more about it here :


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