Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lune Bleue [ Blue Moon ]

I like to infuse Japanese flavor in my cake and for this one I've used quite an unusual filling: umeboshi ( Japanese sour plum ) paste. I mixed the umeboshi paste with homemade raspberry jam to tone down the overpowering sour flavor of the umeboshi - resulting in a sweet yet sour filling. The pistachio and blueberry mousses' sweetness helped to balance the sourness of the plum.

mousse à la myrtille
mousse à la pistache
confiture de framboises
pâte d'umeboshi
biscuit joconde au chocolat

Lune Bleue

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alexandtheweb said...

This is so incredibly beautiful! I'd never heard of umeboshi - where do you find it?

La Petite Vancouver said...

Alex: Thank you for your compliment. You could find umeboshi in Japanese supermarket.

Michelle said...

wow i chance upon your blog via FG and i must say that ur creations are really amazing. your cakes are v evenly sliced and the layers are like so straight! superb skills. (:

La Petite Vancouver said...

Michelle : Thank you Michelle for your nice compliment! Really appreciate it =)

Chris Chang said...

wow! simply amazing. I found this post on tastespotting. I'm glad you described what was in it in English because I don't know French :P but I learned a couple new words from your post. haha. It sounds really good! Umeboshi is something I've never had before but that combination of flavors, pistachios, berries, plum chocolate sounds heavenly! Someday, I would love to prepare a dish like this. I know there's no recipe, but I think I would like to try it, if that is okay with you? although the only component of this dish that I've made is the joconde...well, sorry for such a long paragraph! Thank you so much! and great job!

La Petite Vancouver said...

Chris : Thank you Chris!! No worry about the long comment, I enjoy reading it! You are more than welcome to try it =)

Chris Chang said...

sorry to bother you again, haha. but i was wondering if you could reference me to a site that has a basic mousse recipe? or maybe one that you base yours off of?

La Petite Vancouver said...

Hi Chris, you could refer to my Buche de Noel post back in Dec 2010. There's a recipe for chocolate mousse there.

Pam said...

Hi there, i happened to chance upon your blog and i glad i did :) the entremet looks stunning :) i have a question: what is the dome shape thingy that is on top of your entremet? can you share it with me how it was being made? many thanks :)


La Petite Vancouver said...

Pam: Thanks! It's made of white chocolate. Please refer to my acidule post on how to make that. Cheers


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