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My rendition of Pierre Hermé's Ispahan


Recipe adapted from

Yield: 200 Macaroons
[Note: this recipie yields 200 mini / small size macarons and not the big one as seen in picture.]
Macaroon Ispahan with Lychee and Rose Ganache and Raspberry Compote by Pierre Hermé on


* Rasberry Gelee: 1 Kilogram raspberry puree, preferably Cap Fruits
* 100 grams granulated sugar
* 20 grams PCB gellan
* Silpat measuring 40 X 60
* Metal frame measuring 40 X 60
* Guitar

Lychee and Rose Ganache:
* 600 grams white chocolate, preferably Valrhona
* 80 grams cocoa butter, preferably Valrhona
* 350 grams litchi puree, preferably Boiron
* 100 grams heavy cream
* 5 grams rose essence, preferably Sevarome

Almond Meal:
* 1050 grams whole almonds d’amandes entières
* 1050 icing sugar

Macaroon Ispahan Biscuit:
* 2 Kilograms almond meal
* 350 grams fresh egg whites
* 12.5 grams red food coloring
* 12.5 g red carmin food coloring
* 1 Kilogram granulated sugar
* 250 grams water
* 375 grams egg whites, one week old
* 6 grams egg white powder
* Candurin Red Sherry coloring powder, as needed

For the Raspberry Gelee:
Heat the raspberry puree to 45°C. Mix the gellan and sugar together and incorporate into the raspberry puree. Heat the whole mixture to 85°C, stirring regularly. Take off the heat and use an immersion blender to homegenize the mixture. Immediately pour 1800 grams of the gelee into a silpat-lined frame. Store in the fridge for at least 12 hours. Once set, use the guitar to cut 2 centimeter squared cubes. Store in the fridge.

For the Lychee and Rose Ganache:
Melt the chocolate and cocoa butter in a bain-marie. Boil the cream with the litchi puree and let cool slightly before pouring over the chocolate in three parts. Mix from the center, working your way out gradually, until chocolate and cream are emulsified. Finish with the rose essence and store in the fridge.

For the Almond Meal:
Grind the almonds and sugar together and sift thoroughly.

For the Macaroon Ispahan Biscuit:
Mix the almond meal with the 350 grams of measured egg whites and both food colorings. Cook the sugar and water to 117°C. When the sugar reaches 108°C, begin whisking the 375 grams of egg whites and egg white powder on low. Once whisked up to soft peaks, whisk at second speed and begin to pour in the cooked sugar. Let cool to about 50°C and then incorporate the Italian Meringue gradually into the first mixture of almond meal, egg whites, and food coloring mixture. Beat the mix until it gives slightly to the touch.

Pipe onto parchment paper and dust lightly with Candurin Red Sherry powder. Cook in a ventilated oven at 170°C for 10-11 minutes for petit-four size and 15 minutes for individual macaroon size. Pull the parchment paper off the sheet pans and put directly on a grill rack to cool. When cool, remove from the paper and fill with ganache and a cube of gelee.

Storing and Serving the Macaroons:
Do not cover the macaroons. Store them in a fridge at 70-80% humidity for a mininum of 24 hours. 36 hours is the ideal resting time. The macaroons can now be stored in an air-tight plastic box and kept in the fridge but be sure to bring macaroons to room temperature two hours before serving.

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Pei-Lin said...

Wilson, the moment I saw your Ispahan on Flickr, I was blown away, totally! Worst off, I was at work. LOL!

Keep it up! I can foresee more exotic/classic flavors coming in! Mogador next? Or Mont Blanc? I'm thinking of making Mont Blanc macarons when I'm in the mood and have the time. The last I made were Snickers macarons, which were darn good. Will let you know once the recipe is up on my blog, which I dunno when it'll be ... LOL! I'm a SLOW blogger!

By the way, I think I saw you on MSN one fine day--and I bet we were all slumbering over here and it was daytime on your side! LOL! Fifteen hours apart, man! LOL!

Take care!

Swee San said...

Ispahan too!

one quick question, is it vital to let the sugar syrup cool to 50C before adding to the meringue?

La Petite Vancouver said...

Pei-Lin: Thank you so much!! I am not sure yet what to make next they all look really good although some ingredients are hard and expensive to get LOL

Swee San: I did not use Italian Meringue to make the macaron shell as Italian Meringue is only good if you have a stand mixer ( I only have a hand mixer ) and if you are doing a large batch of macaron. By saying that, I was using French Meringue instead. My perception on the 50C is that once the sugar syrup mixed well with the soft peak egg whites, you need to keep mixing it until the whole mixture cool down to 50C before you incorporate them with the dry ingredients. If you ask me if it is vital, I would say yes but not necessarily to be exactly 50C, just probably cool enough when you touch the mixing bowl with your hand.

Swee San said...

oh ok I get your point now.. Since u used the French method, I have another question (sorryy), whenever I use the french method, the macaron turns out to be very chewy in which I'm quite furious about despite a few different recipes I've tried. Macs are just the ONE thing I cannot get it right and it's just very frustrating.. *sulk*

La Petite Vancouver said...

Swee San : um did ur macaron shell's turned out properly ? I mean no air pocket ?


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