Friday, January 21, 2011

Ambroisie アンブロワジー

This is by far the most complicated cake I've ever made. It's Hidemi Sugino's signature cake: Ambroisie. This was the cake that won him the Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie in 1991.

Biscuit joconde aux chocolat
Mousse a la pistache
Framboise pépins
Mousse au chocolat noir
Biscuit aux pistaches

Update: For recipe of the Ambroisie, please refer to my newer entry

Ambroisie アンブロワジー

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Acquolina said...

wondreful! :-D

La Petite Vancouver said...

Acquolina : Thank you! =)

bossacafez said...

omg your renditions look TOTALLY like hidemi's, put mine to shame :( i'm gonna make this next (i think!).

p/s : love yr matcha opera too, looks like sadaharu AOKI's. great job! you're not sharing the recipes for these entremets you made?

La Petite Vancouver said...

bossacafez : Thank you so much Evan! Don't say it like that, I like your renditions of Hidemi's cakes too!! Yes you should try making Ambroisie, it tasted really good! And yes I did try to replicate Sadaharu Aoki's version as I admired his works too! I'm too busy to write down the recipe for my entrements; however, I will try to write some when I have some free time!

bossacafez said...

hehe you're one of the rare bakers out there who'd attempt french/japanese entremets coz most are just too intimidated by the multiple components. and you made them real perfect so i really admire your talent ;)

in future i wonder if i could approach you if i hv any questions on these? there really arent many people whom i can consult :(

anyway i was wondering if you had problem glazing the ambroisie coz i dont hv much luck working with lacquer glaze like this. since it uses gelatin it solidifies pretty quickly when comes in touch with a cold cake. so i always just manage to glaze halfway then it solidifies and refuses to flow downwards lol. either that or if i use the glaze when its still slightly warm the cake will melt. really hard to find the exact temp.

also, im holding back on the b-caraibe coz i dont know what orange zest confit is. can you read japanese? coz i cant and i relied on my experiences when doing his recipes. i made a batch of candied orange peel recently, not sure if i shd use that or jam.

sorry to hv bothered u with the long post!

La Petite Vancouver said...

bossacafez: LOL thank you! we are actually in the same boat Evan, I'm a self-taught home baker too. I did feel intimidated to try any of those multiple components cakes. However, my curiosity finally reached its limit and I gave it a try.

Absolutely, feel free to ask me questions and I might ask you too as I am still pretty new to this pastry world. I had problem glazing it for the first time. Second time I had more confident. To glaze it you really have to do it quick. Add the gelatin when the chocolate mixture cool down a bit ( warm enough to melt the gelatin ) then pour on the ambroisie. Make sure you have your ambroisie frozen overnight and by this you won't worry about the chocolate glaze melting the ambroisie.
The chocolate glaze did solify very quickly and it's difficult if you are pouring it on several ambroisie all at once without worrying the chocolate glaze turned solid before you had chance to pour on all of them. I did find out that once the chocolate glaze solidify, just reheat it again and it will turn back soft and you can continue pouring on top of the ambroisie.
Hope this helps!

Nope I don't know any Japanese as well and once again we are on the same boat lol I mainly depend on the french ingredients and the pictures. I, however, have a Japanese friend who helped me translate some part that I don't understand. I think you should use orange peel, I quickly found a recipe for the zeste d'orange confit :

prob try that ? Good Luck

bossacafez said...

you're self taught, seriously? can't really tell coz your desserts are so exquisite i thought you're a pastry chef or something. no matter what i think you're more well-versed than i am, really :)

thx for the tip on the glaze, will rem that and try it out. whats the diff between adding the gelatin only when its slightly warm vs. when the cocoa mixture is still very hot? i normally add gelatin to mixtures that are very hot coz i'm afraid it wouldn't dissolve.

thx for the recipe for the zeste d'orange confit as well! what does 1 dl water means, any idea? is it like 1 liter or something?

so which hidemi's recipe are you making next? i was so tempted to make miss albion after seeing yr entry, i'm thinking choc & mint must taste great (am a fan of the combination). wait til i get the hexagonal rings...hehe.

La Petite Vancouver said...

Evan: Thank you again! Yeah home baker like you and others inspired me to start attempting those desserts LOL coz before I thought only professionally trained pastry chef could do that.

For the gelatin if you add it while it's still hot I am just afraid when you cool it down the gelatin might have already solidified the whole thing. If you let the cocoa mixture to cool down a bit( warm enough to melt the gelatin) then it wont be too hot for the mousse. And if you are still afraid the gelatin wouldn't dissolve, you could simply microwave the gelatin to turn them into liquid before you incorporate them with the the cocoa mixture.

Oh and one note regarding the coco powder used for the glaze. It's best to use Valrhona's coco powder if you want to get the deep dark chocolat look like Hidemi's version. In my first attempt I used a different brand of coco powder and my ambroisie looked like milk chocolate color on the outside.

I believe dl stands for deciliter, so 1 dl = 100 ml = 0.1L

I am tempted to make Everest but I could not find that kind of rings here in Vancouver. I am wondering where do you usually shop for baking tools in Singapore? Do they have online store that I could do online shopping?
Miss Albion was pretty good, but there's one part that is wrong in the ingredient which is the amount of mint liquid/extract. The ingredient posted in the book asked way too much, so you might just use much as you think is enough or else u will ended up like mine which kept me awake on every bite due to the strong mint flavor LOL


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