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Cheesecake Citron

Chef Angus An of Maenam used to work at the Michelin-starred Thai restaurant Nahm in London. Having been awarded the best Thai restaurant in 2010 ( update : Maenam was awarded best Thai restaurant again in 2011), I had a slightly high expectation for this Thai restaurant. The interior looks like a semi-modern Thai restaurant with a western influence - it was really cozy and inviting. I did make a reservation two days in advanced to make sure I got a table on a busy Saturday night. We were lucky to get a nice table at the upper level of Maenam's dining area that night.



The dishes in Maenam did reflect a modern take on Thai cuisine. There were misses but there were plenty more hits than misses. I particularly enjoyed the charcoal grilled chicken and the grilled octopus salad. I especially like the combination of ingredients used in the salad - the spice did give an extra punch in flavor. The burmese curry was a little heavy-handed with the salt while the flavor combination of the fish dish was a little too subtle for my liking - I wish it was stronger.

gai yang - Grilled Cornish Hen
gai yang - Grilled Cornish Hen
**half a hen, marinated and charcoal grilled. served with hot and
sour tamarind sauce

Pad Thai
pad thai
**fresh rice noodles, tamarind, peanuts, tofu, egg, prawns

geng hung leh - Burmese Curry of Sloping Hills Pork
geng hung leh - Burmese Curry of Sloping Hills Pork
**organic belly and shoulder, peanuts, spices, pickled garlic, a very
popular dish from chiang mai. equally sweet, salty, and sour

Pla tort samun plai - 8 Spice Fish
pla tort samun plai - 8 Spice Fish
**crispy lingcod, served in a caramelized tamarind and palm
sugar sauce, topped with 8 different fried herbs and spices

yam plah meuk - Grilled Octopus Salad
yam plah meuk - Grilled Octopus Salad
**fried shallots, chili jam, ikura. rich, sweet, and spicy

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