Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chungdam Ahn

Chungdam is Korean for "the pure and clean water" and Ahn means peace. Despite being a Korean restaurant, the restaurant identifies itself as an izakaya ( a Japanese style bar ).
The wood furnished interior looks similar to your average izakaya except there is a notable influence from Korea. The menu itself is different from regular Korean restaurants in BC where the food selections are much closer to ones you would find in a Japanese restaurant, in which you can find classic izakaya food such as Oden, beef tataki, and tuna tartare.
Unlike other Korean restaurants, Chungdam Ahn does not serve any Banchan (Korean side dishes). They do, however, serve a small plate of spicy fish cake tapas if you order drinks.
The portion of each dish was big enough to be considered as a regular meal instead of tapas-size.
Although close to the Korean/Japanese food district in downtown Vancouver, this understated corner location restaurant can be considered a hidden gem.

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