Saturday, April 10, 2010

Marulilu Cafe

Probably the first Japanese run coffee shop in Vancouver.
As I work around the neighborhood, I already noticed Marulilu Cafe when it was first opened few months ago. I finally went to try it out last long weekend.

Marulilu Cafe

I had no idea why the "lilu" were not there anymore. Either they fell off during the strong wind last week or they shortened it to make it easier to pronounce / remember.

The interior is very modern yet the atmosphere is a little different from a regular coffee shop. It was not a big coffee shop ~ probably fitting about 15 people.
Marulilu Cafe

I was quickly greeted warmly by a cheerful Japanese girl who happened to be the Barista of the coffee shop. The menu was well written on the board and mind you they tried to fill in every single space on the board with options!
The menu itself was very intriguing as they served both western style and Japanese style cafe food. The one that caught my attention the most was the Japanese style breakfast which consisted of rice, omelet, salmon, miso soup, and a choice of either natto ( Japanese fermented soybeans ) or tofu.

Marulilu Cafe

I ordered the Japanese style breakfast and a small Latte.
The latte cup was pretty big for a small size. It was nicely decorated with small, yet simple, love latte art.
Latte @ Marulilu Cafe

This was a very interesting breakfast. You could probably call this a brunch instead of a breakfast as the amount of food is a little big for breakfast portions. Overall I really enjoyed this breakfast. It was pretty refreshing. The combination of omelet, natto and salmon worked quite well together.
Japanese Style Breakfast @ Marulilu Cafe

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