Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kingyo Izakaya

I went to my favorite Japanese izakaya for dinner tonight. Kingyo Izakaya, rated #1 best casual japanese dining in Vancouver 3 years in a row from 2007 to 2009, consistently delivers excellent Japanese tapas.

The staffs were very friendly. They greeted me and my friend quickly once we opened a temple-like wooden door. The interior inside is very unique, very similar with Kakurenbo, which looks like a mix of old Japanese dwelling and a Japanese temple. Once we sat down and had our menus on the table, they server quickly handed us a warm towels. For a second I felt like I was inside an airplane.

Kingyo Izakaya

Aside from the drink menu which consisted of huge selections of Japanese drinks, the food menu on the other hand was also very intriguing. There were a mix of classic menus that can be found at other izakaya in Vancouver and some unique menus that probably made Kingyo stood out. Like any other izakaya, Kingyo also offers today's special menu.

I always order the sashimi salad everytime I visited Kingyo. This bed of salad consisted of three different kinds of sashimi dressed with soy based vinaigrette and garlic oil and garnished with fried lotus root. The freshness of the sashimi was apparent! very good indeed!
Sashimi Salad @ Kingyo Izakaya

The grilled black cod came shortly after. This was a very popular izakaya dish and you can find it almost in any izakayas in Vancouver. However, the main question was whether they could prepare this dish flawlessly or not. Kingyo did not disappoint us at all. The black cod was grilled to perfection. It was marinated with "saikyo miso", a sweet miso from Kyoto region of Japan.
Gindara Saikyo Yaki @ Kingyo Izakaya

The next dish had a pretty unique name. This dish was called:
"World Famous" Mr.Yasu Chicken Wings 2nd series. I have no idea why this dish is called the "world famous" Mr. Yasu Chicken Wings. However, I can tell you that they tasted really good. The chicken wings were marinated with original spice blended with curry flavour. Flavour wise it was perfectly balanced!
"World Famous" Mr.Yasu Chicken Wings 2nd Series @ Kingyo Izakaya

The Kakuni came next. This slowly stewed tamari soy pork belly was served with a home made creamy potato and coriander sauce. The pork belly was so tender and well seasoned. This was my favorite dish of the night.
Kakuni @ Kingyo Izakaya

The last dish was a classic Japanese friend chicken ( chicken kara age ). One thing that made this dish unique was it was served with 3 kinds of premium salt: real salt from utah, himalayan crystal salt and hakata no shio ( salt from Ehime Japan).
Chicken Karaage @ Kingyo Izakaya

Our bill came with a simple flower arrangement which contained two frozen red grapes on sticks.
Frozen Grape @ Kingyo Izakaya

More photos from my previous visit to Kingyo

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christao408 said...

Wonderful photos. Best thing of all is their logo, though. What a funny riff on Starbucks!

La Petite Vancouver said...

Thanks Chris!


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