Monday, September 28, 2009

Charm Modern Thai

It was my friend birthday and he was craving for Thai food hence I picked Charm Modern Thai for this special occasion.

Aside from a regular menu, they also served group menus.
We chose the function Menu C for four of us which consisted of :
1. Tod Mun Gai ( Chicken Patty )
2. BBQ Beef Short Ribs
3. Thai Spring Rolls
4. Thai Tempura Vegetables
5. Tom Yum Chicken
6. Tom Kar Chicken
7. Thai style 3 flavored fish
8. Pad Thai Chicken
9. Panang Beef
10. Pineapple Braised Short Ribs
11. Thai Tea Ice Cream
12. Vanilla Bean Tapioca

Items 1-4 came in one big platter served as appetizer.

(Clockwise from top right : Tod Mun Gai ( Chicken Patty ), Thai Vegetable Tempura, Thai Spring Rolls, BBQ Beef Short Ribs.

The chicken patty was excellent! It tasted so exotic. The shredded lime leaves inside the chicken patty gave a strong flavor to this dish. The dipping sauce which consisted of red onion and cucumber chutney was a perfect dipping sauce to compliment the chicken.

The vegetable tempura was kind of a Japanese fusion in my opinion, especially they served the regular Japanese tempura dipping sauce. The Thai spring rolls were not the best that I have ever had. Last but not least, the short ribs were nicely cooked.

Next we had the Tom Yum Chicken and Tom Kar Chicken. The main different between these two was the broth. The tom yum chicken was cooked in clear broth while the tom kar chicken was simmered with coconut milk. Both soups were mind blowing! I haven't had such an authentic tasting Thai hot and sour soup for a while.

Tom Kar Chicken

We had the three flavored fish shortly after the soups. They also served us some Jasmine rice to go with the next few dishes.
The 3 flavored fish ( spicy, sweet and sour ) was nicely cooked, we really enjoyed it.
Thai Style Three Flavoured Fish

The pineapple braised short ribs was our favorite of the night. The ribs were cooked to perfection. It was succulent and well seasoned.
Pineapple Braised Short Ribs

The pad thai chicken came in a nice presentation. However, the taste was just alright, not too memorable.
Pad Thai Chicken

The Panang beef was the last entree of the night. The beef was nicely cooked -very tender. However, it was just a little salty for us.
Panang Beef

The portion of the entrees were very generous. We actually had to wrap some of them home as we needed to save some space for the desserts.

The Thai tea ice cream was my favorite from the two. If you are a fan of Thai iced tea, you will definitely love this dessert.
Thai Tea Ice Cream

The vanilla bean tapioca was very nice too. The use of vanilla bean was very smart in my opinion.
Vanilla Bean Tapioca

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