Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Alpha Global Sushi & Bar

This izakaya restaurant was run by two former Guu's chefs. I passed by it several times but never went in until recently. The interior did not portray any Japanese design, it was more like a western style bar I should say. However, the owners put a little twist on the design and made it look modern and stylish.

Although we were seated quickly, the server did not hand us the menu right away.
After waiting for a while, I finally called the server for the menu.
The menu design was pretty unique. They were using old library books and stick the menu inside. At first, we were all surprised when we were handed a big textbook by the server.

Our first dish was the dill salmon carpaccio.
The salmon tasted bland if you just eat it like that. However, if you eat it with the salad, it actually tasted good.

Our next dish was the miso teriyaki beef.
The short ribs were really tender and juicy. The miso taste, however, was very subtle.

The ebi chili mayo came soon after.
The prawns were not cooked properly as the batter was a little soggy which my friend complained about during the dinner. I have tried many versions of ebi chili mayo, and although this was good, it was not my favorite.

The yaki-soba was the disappointment of the night.
It was a very typical yaki-soba that you can find in a food court. I was disappointed that they did not make a twist or improvement on this classic japanese dish.

The next two dishes were sushi rolls.
Below was the alpha rolls. It consisted of mango, avocado, crab meat, mayo, tobiko and cucumber wrapped in boiled prawn with original plum wine mustard mayo sauce.
I love this roll, they tasted really refreshing. The mango added a big punch of taste which was excellent.
Alpha Roll

The last dish was the mango vancouver roll.
It consisted of mango, avocado, and mayo crab meat wrapped in smoked wild salmon and tobiko with plum wine mustard mayo sauce. The smoked salmon was a killer. It made this roll stand out and speak for itself. I really enjoyed this roll a lot, simply great!
Mango Vancouver Roll

Overall I might not come back to this restaurant due to the lack of consistency in the food quality.
The food selection was pretty limited as well. However, if you happen to be in yaletown and craving for izakaya, you might want to give Alpha a try.

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