Sunday, July 5, 2009

MARKET by Jean-Georges

I have been wanting to try this new fine dining restaurant for a while. As you might know it is not easy to find a dining partner especially when it is a high-end restaurant located inside the newly built Shangri-la Hotel.

So I finally found a dining partner who was willing to try Market's Taste of Summer lunch special : $28 for 2 plates + dessert. That is actually a pretty good deal as they offer a pretty big selection for the appetizer and entree.

The restaurant was located at 3rd floor. Once we got to the third floor we immediately saw a nicely decorated little patio outside the restaurant. The patio looked really warm and cozy. We were quickly greeted by the the waitress and she asked us if we wanted to dine outside on the patio or stay inside. As it was pretty windy that day, although they told us that the heater was on, and we opted to dine inside. I love the interior it was very modern yet classy and I also noticed some very nice chandeliers.

Not long after we were seated, a waitress quickly approached us and greeted us warmly.
After we finished ordering, a different waitress came and served us some bread.
As Kevin had mentioned in his blog, this bread was very hard. I almost made a big mess from trying to pry the bread apart. The butter on the other hand was pretty good.

While I was struggling with the bread, another different waiter came by with our appetizers. I could detect an appetizing and almost beautiful fragrance emanating from the crab cakes and seared scallops.
The seared scallops were complimented with caramelized cauliflower and Caper-Raisin Emulsion. The scallops dish was outstanding. It caused me to pause with pleasure. They scallops were perfectly cooked and the flavor of the caramelized cauliflower was strong which gave a big punch to the dish. And together with the caper-raisin emulsion this dish was very memorable.

My friend had the dungeness crab cake. This dish was prepared with ginger-lime jus(juice), marinated cucumber, and fresh mango slices. My friend said that the crab cake was the best she had ever had. It was fresh and the crab cake was succulent. She was very satisfied.

The appies really blew us away. Now it came to entrees.
My friend ordered the Pacific Halibut with sautéed spinach and sweet garlic lemon broth.
I had a bite of this and it tasted really good. The fish was just a little over-seasoned was it was a bit salty to me but the spinach and lemon broth really saved the day.

I had the soy glazed short ribs topped with green apple julienne and jalapeno puree with rosemary crumbs. The dish came in a square shaped white plate and it looked sumptuous. The short ribs smelled really good that I had to put down my camera and start eating. The short rib was really tender and well marinated. However, after eating it for a while I found out that it was a little too salty. The rosemary crumbs were lovely and the jalapeno puree gave the short ribs a little extra punch in flavor.

Little did we know the best is yet to come. After a strong start and a satisfying main dishes, we really looked forward to a sweet ending.
My friend had chocolate pudding topped with softly whipped cream and crystallized violets.
The presentation was lovely! It made this dessert everyone's instant favorite.
After her first bite, I noticed her expression quickly changed to cheerful with a hint of satisfaction.

I ordered butter cookies with coconut cream and raspberries. The presentation was lovely as well. This is by far the best coconut butter cookie that I've ever had. And together with the cream and raspberry, this small portion dessert really gave me a sweet ending!

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604foodtography said...

The pictures are great! I had a really bad seat, well light wise, it was blocked by the pillar. :(

Did you use flash still for these?

I was thinking of the ribs when I went..damn I should have gotten that!

Soooo.......when are you gonna take me? :p

La Petite Vancouver said...

604foodtography : Thanks Kevin =) I actually like all your photos re:MARKET. They looked so good ( they didn't look as if the light was blocked by pillar, well done)! I even checked out the photos from your blog to decide on what to pick from the menu HAHA. Although I have a natural sun light in front of me, I still use my flash XD .I was glad I went there around 1pm in which the tables on my left and right were almost done with their desserts...or else they will be annoyed by my flash =P yeah the ribs was good! it's just a tad salty to me =)

When I am gonna take you? HAHAHA during "Taste of Fall" perhaps? hehe

Sherman said...

Nice post! It appears that their service is getting better since all the recent posts about it have not complained about it. I'm going on the 17th for the tasting menu! Woohoo!

La Petite Vancouver said...

Sherma : Thank You =) Yes the service was very good. tasting menu? wow sounds fun! I can't wait for you to blog about it =)

_ts of [eatingclub] vancouver said...

I've been wanting to go there as well. I can use my OpenTable cheque, woohoo.

La Petite Vancouver said...

ts : OpenTable Cheque?? Wow u must have dine out a lot eh =)

gigi said...

I had the chocolate pudding when I went too and it was so yummy! If you go back, try some of their ice creams or sorbets...they are all very flavourful, especially the lemon yogurt and passion fruit!

La Petite Vancouver said...

gigi : The presentation of their ice cream sorbet did not appeal me, but I believe, and as you just mentioned, they taste good =)

I might give it a try next time for sure =)

KimHo said...

As usual for you, the pictures look great! But... Next time you go there for lunch, drop me an email!

La Petite Vancouver said...

KimHo : Thank You! Sure I will let u know =)

christao408 said...

Those dishes look lovely. Thanks for taking me along (virtually)...

talesfromabarstool said...

Market is my favourite restaurant in Vancouver. I have yet to find an item on their menu that I don't like. The staff are friendly and really work to make your experience the best you've ever had. I love the Arctic Char, Truffle Pizza, Coconut Butter Biscuit, Crab Cakes, and Cucumber Martinis. All absolutely divine. I would eat there every day if I could.

ec said...

photos look amazing.


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