Monday, June 8, 2009

Red Chicken

Red Chicken Korean restaurant is relatively new. It was located in the middle of Robson Street but it was kind of a hiddem gem as it is not really noticable. The restaurant's logo and exterior design are pretty modern and the use of vibrant color is smart as it attracted my attention big time.

The side dishes was slightly different here. The broccoli with chili sauce was very strange to me indeed. However, the mashed potatoes was really GOOD! Having say that, I did not like their kimchi. It was a little too sour for some reason.

They have lunch special up to 3pm daily. We each ordered one of the lunch special and also the Red Chicken's speciality : Buldak ( a Korean dish made from heavily spiced chicken ). When we ordered buldak, the waitress was nice enough to warn us that it was really spicy. Our guts were strong enough that day to try it.

My friend had bulgogi rice set. The bulgogi tasted very "home made".
The beef was tender and well seasoned.

I had kimchi jigae rice set. I did not really enjoy this dish. First of all, the
kimchi was a little too sour for me which caused the kimchi hot pot to turn
sour as well. The tofu in the jigae was not soft as what I expected it to be.

We were each given a pair of plastic gloves for the last dish.
I was very excited to try this spicy chicken as the presentation and aroma
just felt so good! The spicy chickens was grilled to perfection.
I did not feel any spice at all after my first bite and I was a little disappointed.
However, about less than 10 seconds after that, I started to feel the heat!
It was really really spicy indeed!! my lips were swollen LOL
The chicken was very juicy and succulent. Those unique flavor just mixed well
with the chicken. Eating buldak was a real challenge indeed!
If you want to continue enjoying this delicious chicken, you ought to fight with the
heat =) very fun to eat, isn't it ?
I highly recommended this dish if you really can eat spicy food =)

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604foodtography said...

You know it's too spicy if they have to give you gloves to eat it.....dannnng I would not want to try that haha. I teared up after eating 2 of the spiciest wings at Wing Nuts when they were still open. My mouth and my lips were pretty much numb the rest of the day.

La Petite Vancouver said...

Kevin : haha but it was very tasty though =P

KimHo said...

I went there with a friend some nights ago and she mentioned the chicken as well (she suggested the name of the restaurant is thanks to this dish). However, we did not end up ordering it as she was aware of my "reaction" to spicy food (i.e., start sweating a lot). Oh, well...

shokutsu said...

I was hoping that someone out there would write about this place and give their take on the spicy chicken! Glad to see you're the first that I've seen to write about it. :) Gotta love that heat!

La Petite Vancouver said...

KimHo : Haha =)

La Petite Vancouver said...

Shokutsu : I love spicy food, and in fact I won't mind trying buldak again =P

KimHo said...

Hey! You have been warned about my reaction for the upcoming visit to Alvin Garden! :P

Actually, I won't mind going back one of these days to try the chicken... Do I have to sign a waiver?

La Petite Vancouver said...

KimHo : HAHAHA is Alvin Garden spicy as well? I never been there. Well if you can't finish it you can take it home, at least no one will see your "reaction" at home =P


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