Friday, June 26, 2009

Papaya Hut

I recommended this small restaurant to my co-worker the other day for his lunch. I myself haven't tried yet at the time I recommended him. He came back with a big smile of satisfaction. So today I decided to drop by for a quick lunch as it was very close to my work place.

They offered lunch specials for $6.50 ( tax included! ) . It was very cheap in my opinion especially in Broadway neighborhood. I ordered their green curry lunch set. It came with green curry, jasmine rice and spring roll. The rice smells really good, I was wondering if pandan leaves was being used. The curry consisted of chicken, green pepper, red pepper and eggplant. The green curry was indeed very good! well prepared! The portion was very generous I should say as there were lots of chicken in that small bowl.

The spring roll on the other hand was a disappointment. Although it was crispy, the fillings tasted bland. This small restaurant get packed pretty fast, and there a number of people doing take out as well - a pretty good business I should say.

FYI, this restaurant was not an authentic Thai restaurant as I heard mandarin was the main language for communication in the kitchen. Although it was not authentic, I will still come back and try their other lunch specials as the green curry I had today was pretty close to original, I was pretty satisfied =)

Green Curry @ Papaya Hut

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Danny said...

I love Thai food. The photos are beautiful. Thanks sharing!

La Petite Vancouver said...

Danny : Thank You =)


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