Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Menya Japanese Noodle House

This is my current favorite for ramen in Vancouver.
Since I have had the best ramen in Los Angeles : Santouka, I was getting picky when it come to ramen. Only those that close to Santouka's standard will be considered good.
Menya was relatively new and I was glad that we have a new ramen chain.

The interior is cozy and gives a traditional Japanese feel.

I been here three times and during my first visit I tried their Nagahama Ramen.
Nagahama Ramen is another name of Hakata Ramen from Fukuoka.
The noodle that they used was different. It is a little thinner compared to Kintaro or Benkei as it is Hakata-style thin noodle. The pork bone soup base was flavorful, I enjoyed it.
The only thing I dislike about this ramen was the ginger... I forgot to take out the ginger before I started eating, oh well..prob next time =P

I had Tonkatsu Miso Ramen for my second visit.
The soup was rich and luscious, very good. The tender char siu just made this
Tonkatsu ramen very fun to eat. The corn toppings made the soup base a lil sweet which is
perfect for my taste.

In my last visit, I had my favorite soup base which is shoyu-base.
I ordered the combo which came with onigiri and gyoza.
The toppings were decorated in a way that it looks so appealing. The naruto-maki
in the middle just made this ramen stand out even more.
I was not easy to please when it come to shoyu ramen. However, I really enjoyed
Menya's version of shoyu ramen, well seasoned and it was sublime!

I am not a big fans of their onigiri. It was not flavorful as I expected it to be.
The one in benkei is better in my opinion.
Their gyoza was not bad, but they were not the best gyoza.

My friend ordered Nagasaki Chanpon.

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