Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dae Bak Bon Ga

My friend brought me to Dae Bak Bon Ga for dinner few weeks ago. It's my first time having Bangja Gui ( Korean BBQ in lettuce wrap ).
The restaurant is located on second floor, just on top of Bubble World / Ezogiku / Don Guacamole's. Inside, they have a karaoke room for customers to sing after dining.
The customer service was excellent, all the staffs were very friendly and easy to reach.

According to my observations the most popular menu item was their BBQ Combos. They also offer all you can eat BBQ but I suggest that you ordered their combo instead as the portion is very generous!

We ordered Combo A which consisted of spicy Pork & chicken & beef marinated in soy sauce ( $28,95 ). We also got rice and soup along with side dishes.
The side dishes were pretty good : they had two salad side dishes which I never seen in other Korean restaurant and they were very good indeed.

The portion is big and generous!! A little too much for the two of us.
Their meats were fresh and uniquely seasoned.

After we barbecued the meats, we then put the barbecued meats on the lettuce and put any side dishes of our choice before we finally wrapped the letuce. Very fun to eat indeed !
The meat was well seasoned and very succulent which made you want more and more!
We can refill our lettuce for free. And as the dish was so good, we ended up refilled it twice.

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Sherman said...

The banchan looks so good. I need to try this place out! Oh, btw, your pictures rock!

La Petite Vancouver said...

Sherman : Thank You! =)

shokutsu said...

DBBG is probably my most preferred spot for Korean food in the downtown area. Other non-bbq items are pretty solid too, if you're interested. My post from about a year ago documents two dishes like that.

La Petite Vancouver said...

shokutsu : really?? I will check it out =)


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