Monday, June 15, 2009

Cute Pearl Tea House

Back when I lived in the west-side of Vancouver, I used to eat @ Cute Pearl Tea house in Kerrisdale.
There are many BBT restaurants in Kerrisdale but Cute Pearl Tea House happens to be my favorite.

In my recent visit, my friends and I ordered the green onion pancake for our appetizer.
I love the cute little sauce container. It just made the whole dish looked very appealing.
The dipping sauce was really good although I had no idea what ingredients were used to make it.

One of my friends ordered the Satay beef rice set.
The beef was very tender, you could feel a little BBQ feel in every bite.
The satay sauce that complimented it was well seasoned, a good combination indeed.

My other friend had the salt and pepper crispy chicken nuggets rice set.
This is my favorite Taiwanese dish. There are many version of this dish around.
Some restaurants add basil in it which enhanced the aroma.
However, the two restaurants that i tried ( the ones using basil ) over-salted the chicken.

I ordered the classic 3 cups chicken rice set.
This is basically a chicken dish simmered in sesame oil, soy sauce, and wine.
The chickens were well seasoned and cooked, I enjoyed the dish a lot.

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christao408 said...

Those look really good especially the green onion pancake!

La Petite Vancouver said...

christao408: Thanks! Yes it was very good indeed =)

shokutsu said...

This one was missing from my list of known BBT places in Kerrisdale. Looks worthwhile checking out, thanks for the post!

La Petite Vancouver said...

shokutsu: Yes it is worthwhile to check out! I hope u like it too =)

ET said...

You have beautiful photos on your blog! Some shots look better than the real thing... :-)

La Petite Vancouver said...

ET : Thank You =)


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