Monday, June 29, 2009

Choon Ha Choo Dong

This restaurant was recommended by my friend's coworker. So last Saturday my friends and I went to try it out. I was surprised that this restaurant was not even listed in Urbanspoon ( I have added it ). My curiosity grew stronger since.

Choon Ha Choo Dong is located at East Broadway on 2nd floor. The first floor was a Korean market which had already gone out of business.
We went there kind of late, around 2pm, so there was only 1 customer left when we arrived.
We were nicely greeted and then guided to a dining room.

This restaurant's specialty is Korean BBQ. However, we opt for regular menu instead of barbecue.

The Banchan ( Korean side dishes ) consisted of potatoes, seaweed, bean sprouts, fish cakes, and kimchi. The potatoes were a disappointment. They were kind of dry and the sauce were not properly cooked. The seaweed came with chili sauce which was pretty unique as it was my first time having it. The bean sprout was pretty good and the fish cakes were the one that stood out among the other side dishes. The kimchi was kind of sour, I did not really like it.

Our first dish was Korean deep fried dumplings.
The presentation was lovely and appealing. The dumplings were fried to perfection, not overly or under done. The ingredients inside the dumplings were very tasty. It contained mixed of vegetables and ground meat and they were well seasoned. The salad, on the other hand, were very refreshing. They put Korean chili sauce on top of it as the salad dressing. However, the spice level was minimum which complimented the dumplings very well.
Korean Deep Fried Dumplings

Our second dish was kanpoongki. It was a spicy fried chicken. This dish reminded me a lot of yang nyum chicken. The main difference was that kanpoonki was marinated and cooked with hot sauce. The texture of Korean fried chicken were chewy in general. So, never expected them to be crispy. However, the kanpoongki were way too chewy which I did not really enjoy eating them. Although the chicken were a little too chewy, the hot sauce that come with it were well seasoned and cooked. The sauce just made this chicken dish stood up.

The third dish was seafood and tofu stew. This stew contained lots of seafood inside. Near the bottom of the soup was a big mussel. The soup was well seasoned and pretty tasty in my opinion.
I was glad that the tofu was pretty soft unlike some other Korean restaurants which used medium firm tofu.
Hae Mul Soon Dubu

Our last dish was grilled mackerel which came with soy bean tofu soup.
The fish were well cooked and seasoned. I, however, did not find this dish special.
If they have some sort of dipping sauce on it, I think the fish dish will stand out.
The soy bean soup that came with it was very tasty! It was actually tasted better than the seafood stew.
Grilled Mackerel

Doenjang Jigae

Overall, this Korean restaurant was just okay in my opinion. Although there were some hit and miss dishes, I can not really say it was not good because i haven't tried their specialty barbecue yet.

Service : 8/10
Food : 7. 5 / 10
Atmosphere : 6.5 / 10

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shokutsu said...

Aaahhh, you beat me to doing a review of this place! :) I'd been meaning to dine there as I've passed by it countless times but never got around to eating there yet.

La Petite Vancouver said...

Shokutsu : Hehe prob you should try their BBQ and blog about it =)

shokutsu said...

Hahaha. Will try! :)

shokutsu said...

I finally got around to it. :)

Michelle Tchea said...

hey!! how are you?
How good is this place? in terms of authenticity and price? I am dying for good, authenitc and cheap-o korean food... thanks!
p.s love reading!:)

La Petite Vancouver said...

Michelle: Hi Michelle, I am doing good, and urself ? Choon Ha Choo Dong is alright. If you want a cheaper and better one try Ma Dang Coul on Denman St. ( I blog about it too ) Cheers =)


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