Monday, June 29, 2009

Alvin Garden

After my late lunch at Choon Ha Choo Dong, I continued my foodie journey at Alvin Garden for a food bloggers' dinner gathering. First of all I would like to give big round of APPLAUSE for Sherman for organizing the dinner. It was really fun to meet the faces behind Vancouver food bloggers. I'm really looking forward to the next one.

I was still pretty full from my late lunch; hence, I only sampled each dishes once or twice. By saying that, I mean that I could not remember clearly the exact taste of each dish. I'll be trying my best to write as much as I can remember about each dish.

The first dish was the Hunan style red-braised pork. The pork was tender, and well cooked - a good starter dish for our dinner.

The second dish was duck braised with beer. It looked more like a curry duck to me.
This dish caused many confusion to most of us as we did not really know what it actually was. Taste wise it was a really decent dish.

The Dongting broiled fish in chili soup was pretty good and not spicy.
I, however, prefer S & W Pepper House's version of this dish.

This is my favorite dish of all. This dish looks really spicy with all the bright red chilis. But that only applies if you ate the chili like Kim, one of the food bloggers, did by eating 3 of those.
The diced chicken were deep fried and seasoned with salt which was pretty good.

I was glad the mabo tofu was not cooked in Szechuan style as I do not like the "numb" feeling caused by Szechuan spice.

The soup's container looked unique, it gave the soup a home-made feel. The soup lived up to my expectations and was delicious.

The pan fried green beans were good as expected. I could not stop eating this - it's hard to go wrong making this dish and it was done well.

The double cooked pork with garlic and chili was my other favorite.

Our dessert, the pumpkin cake only came in four. It looked good but unforunately I wasn't able to try it.

The first time I tasted their steamed egg with minced pork I felt it was bland and tasteless. However, later on when I tried it again the beauty of the dish stood out to me and I ended up really liking it.

The corn cakes were the biggest disappointment of the night. As Kim said it tasted like uncooked cake. I couldn't agree more.

In my opinion, the fish head dish was the spiciest dish among them all. I honestly did not know this dish was fish head until I saw the receipt. Now I know what that small black-ish ball Kim was questioning about during dinner =)

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Sherman said...

Thanks for attending! I really love your pictures and now... I know how you do it!

Anonymous said...

can i ask, what camera are you using?

La Petite Vancouver said...

Sherman : You are very welcome =) I am glad you like my pictures

La Petite Vancouver said...

Anonymous : I am using Canon Rebel XS /1000D

604foodtography said...

What a trooper, even though you were full from lunch you still ate. :P

La Petite Vancouver said...

604foodtography : LOL well...that's the challenge of a food blogger isn't it? =P

_ts of [eatingclub] vancouver said...

Hello! It still feels like we haven't met, lol. I think I'm just not one who can comfrotably yell across a big table to have a conversation. Maybe the next meet-up? =) Anyway, your pictures make the food even better-looking than in reality, hehe.

La Petite Vancouver said...

ts : yes we are just too far away to communicate with each other lol no worry we can do it in the next meet-up =)

Thanks for the compliment =)

gigi said...

I really liked the chili chicken dish too! I thought I was just prejudiced because it was the dish I picked so I'm glad others like it as well :p It was nice to meet you!

La Petite Vancouver said...

gigi : Oh I never know who picked which dish actually haha I was glad you ordered this dish coz it was really good =)


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