Monday, May 18, 2009

마당골 ( Ma Dang Coul )

Went to this Korean restaurant last Saturday for dinner.
This was my fourth or fifth visit. I should say this is my favorite Korean restaurant in Vancouver.
The food at Ma Dang Coul can give you a "home made" feel in every single bite.
Ma Dang Coul is a relatively small restaurant located on Denman street. It might get very busy during lunch and dinner time. However, the service is exceptional.
The side dishes are typical side dishes you can find in any Korean restaurant.
However, their homemade kimchi is the best I have ever had!

This pan fried Korean rice cake is exquisite!
The chewy cylindrical rice cakes nestled amidst savory hot sauce seasoning.
It was such a wonderful meal !

This Korean cold noodle is a good kick for the hot weather!
Tasty soup base, tender beef slices ... very fun to eat!

Yang Nyum Chicken is a Korean sweet and sour seasoned fried chicken.
The chicken is succulent and well seasoned.
The sauce resembles gravy as it is kind of sticky. It also contains some nuts
to compliment the flavor.

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604foodtography said...

I loooooooove korean rice cakes!

Lapetitevancouver said...

haha me too! they are simply delicious =)


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